1. Planting a Garden

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as harvesting a full grown vegetable that you nourished from a seedling. Growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs helps you be more aware of your own diet, formulating healthier habits. Not only that, but it cuts down greatly on your carbon footprint. No more pesticide covered vegetables wrapped in plastic being toted around in fuel burning trucks for you! If you live in the Los Angeles area and don’t have space for a garden or want to learn more about both compost and gardening, come volunteer at Overdue’s community garden! Please email admin@itisoverdue.com if you are interested.

2. Shopping Small and Local

Didn’t unwrap quite what you wanted this holiday season? That’s ok! Get out there and treat yourself! Shop from small businesses, makers and bakers. Go to a farmer’s market or an artisanal boutique. When you buy local, you are putting money into your local economy and buying products that are usually better for you and the planet. Skip the fast fashion at the mall and find a consignment shop or someone that weaves sweaters that will last you years. Feel closer to your community as you meet those who make their own honey or pasta. You’ll get some things that you want and fill a need in your soul.

3. Sign Up for a Library Card

I understand, Colleen Hoover and Stephen King literally cannot stop writing books, and you want to read them all. Save your money for something special this year and sign up for a library card. In the words of my 25 year old street-ware wearing boyfriend, going to the library is, “like shopping without having to spend any money.” You heard it here first folks. Not only will you be saving two kinds of paper, but library cards can often open you up to a world of other benefits, like free online resources and passes to museums or state parks.

4. Powering Off

From Airpods to air conditioners, it can often feel like we are surrounded by machines. We’ll put on music while we walk instead of listening to the wind and birds. We’ll scroll through our phone even when we are already watching a movie. So many of our distractors need charging that we sometimes don’t realize they're draining our battery. Unplug and disconnect. Try to spend a few hours every day away from screens and devices, and maybe even doing one of the other things on this list! An additional plus? You may even have a lower electric bill. Trust me, the power company’s do not need any more of your money.

5. Biking to Work (or Wherever!)

Like litter, sometimes we can get a little too used to the smog that settles over our cities. Start your day with a little exercise and bike to work! Since the United States can blame 27% of it’s total emissions on transportation, more people making the switch will freshen the air for all. Biking to work isn’t possible or safe for everyone. If your commute is simply too far or the roads that take you there don’t have a shoulder, bike (or try to find public transit) to wherever! Challenge yourself to complete at least one of your errands or daily routines that usually requires a car without one. Research from Oxford University found that the average person can lower their transportation related emission by 67% by making the car to bike swap just once per day.

6. Coming to an Overdue Cleanup

Overdue group smiling with trash bags and yellow Overdue sign

Come on, you knew I had to! For our current members, Overdue cleanups have cultivated some of their highlights from the past year. Getting outside and walking around while collecting trash is good for both your mental and physical health. Join us while we also do yoga on the beach or grab a beer from a local brewery. Chatting with other eco-conscious individuals is great for your social health, not to mention the rewarding feeling of knowing you are helping make a cleaner street, community, and planet. There are really no down sides! Keep up with us on Instagram and email to learn about our upcoming events.