You crave your favorite food

So you wait over an hour just to have it

Satisfied by every second of it

And then I am forgotten 

Rushing down the road to the next big thing

Realizing I’m still in your car, I’m thrown out the window

Left to the side with other trash creating a waste

Left for the next twenty four days

Destroying the world every second I stay 

Passed by every rushing car

Not even given a second thought

I make this alluring world slowly crumble

Instead of being disposed of properly

I rot on the side of the road

Left as forgotten on top of a random bush

Polluting this oh so beautiful world

Destroying this picture perfect garden

I rot this world

As the day rains, I rush down into the sewer 

I have no control over my next destination 

Flushed away with other piles of trash 

Riding the wave all the way to the ocean

Floating around trapping sea ducks 

I pollute this world

This oh so beautiful world